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Time and the Dancing Image

Annotated list of the sections:

  1. Flesh and Spirit: The Uneasy Balance
    In Pursuit of the Sylph
    Heroism in the Harem
    [19th-century ballet Romanticism]

  2. The Search for Motion [Isadora Duncan]

  3. Sphinxes, Slaves, and Goddesses
    The Veils of Salome
    The Veil of Isis
    [Two views of Orientalism in fin-de siècle ballet and modern dance]

  4. Modern Movers
    The Created Self
    Group Spirits
    [Modern dancers of the 1920s and 1930s in Germany and America]

  5. The Heroines Within [Martha Graham]
    By Their Steps You Shall Know Them
    In the Royal Image [late 19th-century ballet in Russia]
    Forward to Petipa [George Balanchine’s vision]

  6. Illusion of Choice—Acceptance of Chance [Merce Cunningham and John Cage]

  7. Everyday Bodies [radical revisions of the 1960s in New York]

  8. The Allure of Metamorphosis [20th-century artists and companies and the disguising of the body]