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Jerome Robbins: His Life, His Theater, His Dance

“Jowitt’s fascinating biography of the innovative director of Broadway musicals and choreographer of masterpieces for the Nedw York City Ballet... trenchantly reveal[s] Robbins’s relationship to his own beliefs... Compelling.”
--New York Times Book Review, August 1, 2004 (front page).

Time and the Dancing Image

“Remarkable insights. Ms. Jowitt has made a new kind of broad cultural history that incorporates dance. Her book is a major contribution and deserves the largest possible audience.”
--Francis Mason, New York Times Book Review

De la Torre Bueno Prize for 1988

The reviews in Jowitt’s 1977 collection, Dance Beat, can be found online here.

Her reviews for the Village Voice from August 25, 1998, to the present are archived at The most recent columns are usually posted at www.villagevoice/dance.